Product Safety and Issue Management

Product safety, protection of reputation, risk prevention, issue and crisis management

EcoAid identifies risks before they get dangerous. Our risk monitoring focusses on food and consumer goods, their production processes and supply chains. We visualize possible deficiencies and identify needs for optimization of consumer protection, employee safety and environmental risks. This is the basis of a powerful issue management:

Products and processes which are risky or need optimization can be effectively improved by EcoAid’s expertise. The result will be satisfying for you, your suppliers, your customers and stake holders: Increasing security and sustainability for humans and environment along with your company’s reputation and your brands name well protected.

A selection of EcoAid’s key subjects


  • Residues of critical chemicals, pesticides and contaminants in food
  • Critical ingredients of material in contact with food, such as packaging and print colors.
  • Potential risks of nanotechnology for food and materials in contact with food
  • Social standards, health and safety and human rights in the supply chain
  • Consumers issues, clean labeling, product labeling.
  • Animal welfare

Non food

  • Identification and substitution of unwanted substances, compliance with safety standards for consumer articles as adhesives, papers, toys, textiles, leather and fur
  • Compliance with social standards and human rights in the supply chain, e.g. for textiles and natural stone products

“An issue ignored is a crisis invited” – Henry Kissinger