Who we are

Who we are

EcoAid by Manfred Krautter – Supporting Ecology and Economy

EcoAid is an independent consultancy advising and supporting companies and organizations to run their business in an economically, ecologically and socially responsible and sustainable way.

Mission Statement

EcoAid by Manfred Krautter as a consultancy supports its clients to run their business in a responsible and sustainable way. It focuses on the following topics:

  • Conservation of natural resources
  • Protection of human rights, compliance with appropriate health and safety as well as social standards
  • Proactive consumer protection
  • Reliable and sound communication with stakeholders

EcoAid identifies risks and emerging issues caused bypotentiallyharmfulproducts, production conditions or supply chains. EcoAid helps to eliminate these risks and to establish sustainable and safe products and furthermore to protect the reputation of its clients. EcoAid provides first class issue, crisis and CSR management. This is relevant for partners and clients aiming to be leaders to a sustainable future.

Key services of EcoAid are

  • Risk, issue and crisis management
  • CSR (Corporate and Social Responsibility) strategies and programs
  • Development of more sustainable and safer consumer products and food articles
  • Communication of sustainability and safety topics, stakeholder communication

MSc. Chem. Manfred Krautter is founder and general manager of EcoAid.

Manh Cuong Vu holds a degree in economics and statistics. He joined EcoAid in April 2011. His subject of interest is how ecological sustainability can be realized economically and socially acceptable.

EcoAid by Manfred Krautter works together with an extensive and highly professional network of experts from various specialist areas. These include agricultural economists, biologists, management experts and business economists, harmful substance analysts, chemists, CSR experts, graphic and web designers, journalists, research experts, legal professionals, nature and landscape protection specialists, communication consultants, experts on eco-balance, lifecycle assessment and toxicologists.

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