Our services

EcoAid supports you by offering a wide range of professional consulting services:

1. EcoAid enforces your risk prevention, your issue and crisis management and helps you to protect your reputation. We provide for higher product security (food & non-food consumer products), good supply chain management, appropriate stakeholder communication and have an eye on media and legal developments. Our work focusses on risks of costumer and environmental protection as well as work safety and social standards.

Detect today’s risks by

  • Carrying out stress tests and analyzing critical points for business areas, supply chains and single products
  • Identifying specific product risks
  • Carrying out an independent and confidential risk analysis with a critical NGO- trained view

Detect tomorrow’s risks by

  • our risk monitoring comprising a wide variety of risk and product categories and topics relevant to society
  • the EcoAid early-warning system for upcoming controversial topics and conflicting interests
  • “Bad news are good news” – We have the media agenda in mind
  • being up-to-date regarding legal developments, technical trends and innovations.

Eliminate risks by

  • optimizing and substituting critical products by safe and effective alternatives
  • mitigating specific risks in the supply chain
  • designing safe supplier relations and guide lines
  • choosing appropriate standards and reliable business partners
  • exchanging views in an committed way with relevant stake holders
  • optimizing the issue management
  • accompanying political and legislative changes
  • using technical innovation

2. EcoAid is your partner for the development and implementation of your corporate and social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. Furthermore we are your trend scout for sustainable product innovations.

  • Developing CSR standards and CSR policies
  • Establishing and optimizing a CSR management.
  • Developing state-of-the-art standards for your production and supply chain in line with international standards and codes.
  • Optimizing the supply chain with regard to environmental protection, protection of biodiversity, health and safety and social standards
  • Finding innovative products and develop sustainability concepts in the product categories “Food” and “Consumer Products”.
  • Managing CSR projects

3. EcoAid supports you to create values, create knowledge and communicate successfully. We are your partner – even in critical circumstances: Partners in crisis and stake holder communication.

  • Advice for the communication with media and stake holders aiming at conflict mitigation and finding sustainable solutions
  • Professional contributions and presentations on conferences, workshops, trade fairs.
  • Designing and conducting studies, analyses, research and development projects
  • Designing sustainability reports, participate to carry out these reports

We work for you on site or from our office. Read more about our current key activities and competences and our working principles.

Would you like to know more about our services? For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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