Do you want to recognize risks in food and other products for consumption before they can become a danger?

Do you want to be a trendsetter in sustainable management?

Do you want to communicate product safety and sustainability successfully?

EcoAid advises and supports businesses, public institutions and non-profit organizations with its expertise tailored to meet individual requirements:

– food and product safety, risk and issue management

– Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) and product innovation

– strong effective communication and campaigning for sustainability

Crossing borders – Finding solutions

EcoAid offers professional, independent consulting and project management services. Manfred Krautter, the founder and director of EcoAid, unfailingly aims to find the best solution. “Product safety and sustainability are important factors in success. I am engaging myself for my clients in terms of consumer, environmental and occupational health and safety standards and thereby contributing to their good reputation as responsible businesses.”

EcoAid’s approach is well proven. One distinguishing feature is its wide range of expert knowledge in science, economics, non-governmental organizations, politics and media relations. Altogether these perspectives promote innovative solutions and successful communication. Where necessary a network of experts will work together to find the optimal solution to achieve your goals. We can provide complete solutions from a single source.

Please contact us for more detailed information. We are looking forward to good and productive work together.

Supporting Ecology and Economy,

Manfred Krautter


  • January 2012 – book „Sustainability in the Food Industry“ was published by Behr’s publishing house. It contains several articles by Manfred Krautter. Key contents are success factors and working methods of NGOs, their influence on the food and consumer goods industry’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs and trends in the NGO’s relations with businesses  Short profiles give details to important NGOs such as their current focus and demands. Manfred Krautter’s articles shall supply a better understanding of NGOs in their contradictory role as partner, opponent and co-designer of companies. Particularly it shows that a productive interaction between NGOs and commercial enterprises is possible. The 170 page book is written in German and available at Behr’s Verlag (Order number: ISBN 978-3-89947-838-9).
  • June 2012 – Presentation of criteria check list to evaluate sustainability of chemical companies:  The Swedish NGO ChemSec ,  had  a list of criteria made for finance investors. It enables investors to choose the most sustainable chemical companies possible and to obviate the choice of less sustainable companies for their portfolio. EcoAid by Manfred Krautter was significantly involved in the development of the criteria list, which allows an assessment and benchmark of the chemical companies’ sustainability. A free download is available at ChemSec.

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